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All the contribution are Open source and freely available (with proper attribution) to the society. OdiaNLP has done either entire or partial contributions to the following projects:

Text to Speech or Speech to Text

Mozilla Common Voice

  • Speech corpora creation through Mozilla Common Voice.
  • 201MB Speech data has been prepared with purely volunteering efforts as of 21 July 2021.

  • After downloading you will get a folder structure like this:
└── or
    ├── reported.tsv
    ├── dev.tsv
    ├── other.tsv
    ├── test.tsv
    ├── train.tsv
    ├── validated.tsv
    ├── partials/template
    └── clips
        ├── common_voice_or_<count>.mp3
        ├── common_voice_or_<count>.mp3
        ├── common_voice_or_<count>.mp3
        ├── common_voice_or_<count>.mp3
        └── common_voice_or_<count>.mp3
  • The .tsv files contain the odia sentences in odia script.
  • The .mp3 files contain the corresponding pronunciation audio of the script.

Machine Translation

Google Translation API wrapper

$ pip install googletrans
>>> from googletrans import Translator
>>> translator = Translator()
>>> translator.translate("Hello Odia people", dest="or").text
# 'ନମସ୍କାର ଓଡିଆ ଲୋକମାନେ |'

Data Anonymization

Fake Odia name generation

  • For fake name generation purposes Odia support has been added to the best data anonymization library, Faker.
$ pip install Faker
>>> from faker import Faker
>>> fake = Faker("or_IN")
>>> for _ in range(10):
...     print(
ଚିତରଂଜନ ନନ୍ଦି
ରାଜ, ରବିନାରାୟଣ
କେଦାରନାଥ ବର୍ମା
ଅମରନାଥ ସେଠୀ
ସାଲୁଜା, କଳ୍ପତରୁ
ଦେବରାଜ ରାଧାରାଣୀ ପୋଦ୍ଦାର
ରାଧୁ ମତଲୁବ ଶତପଥୀ
ରନ୍ଧାରୀ, ସୁଶାନ୍ତ
ଗୈାତମ ଓରାମ

Named Entity Recognition

Odia Persons' name dataset

  • Odia persons' name dataset has been added to Kaggle, to make it publicly available and further development on NER in Odia language.


  • Various localization projects to make websites and applications available in Odia language

Telegram - Open source instant messaging tool

Mozilla Firefox (In-Progress)

Duckduckgo - Privacy based search engine

COVID-19 website (Unofficial)

OpenOdia Library

OpenOdia is a consolidated tool built for Odia language. It consists of various needed tools for Odia language like:

  1. Work tokenization
  2. Sentence tokenization
  3. Stopword removal
  4. Google Translate wrapper
  5. Automatic text summarization
  6. Odia name generation

Last update: 2023-03-27